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New optimism May 2017

After a difficult April in which we were encouraged to face some of our deepest fears, we step into May again feeling the optimism of the new energy of 2017. As May progresses, the energy feels lighter and we will be supported in living our purpose. The apparent heaviness and doom encompassing many countries will lift as individuals follow their own truth and refuse to engage in the chaotic negativity of the old energy.

Focus on your own well being, on healing the past and concentrating on moving ahead believing that positive and joyous outcomes are now not only possible, but inevitable. Expect good things and they will happen. Trust in the new energy and let it support you in your truth; and in turn support it with your trust.

Watch the magic unfold. All your efforts are now rewarded with positive outcomes and events - small steps leading to major leaps. From now until September build on the base you have created, and allow the flow of joy and possibility into your life without reservation. Revel in the freedom that living in flow allows.

Access your higher self to make the most of the opportunity to be in this human experience by setting the intention to live in truth, in joy, in grace and in love.

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