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Ben Dniprowskij - Makeup Creative and Art Director - Victoria

Ben's photography for the book 'A Vision for the Future' is inspired and inspiring.

After writing the book in 2017, I searched for images of glass art to enhance the message of the book. I tried many images of beautiful glass works, but could not realise the vision in my head of how the photos should look.


Ben intuitively knew exactly what was needed, and in 2020 he created the beautiful images for the book and enabled its publication as I was finally able to add the images to the text to create the book as it was always destined to be. Many thanks to Ben for his generosity of spirit, and support as always, and of course his intuitive and awesome photos.

Ben is a creative genius, a leader in many creative endeavours and fields including makeup, art, design and video.

See Ben's website here 


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