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Ceremonies are significant to mark the special occasions of our lives.

They should reflect and honour the people they are celebrating or remembering; not be a standard formula with the names changed, but rather an authentic and heartfelt collection of people, words and energy to create a ceremony with relevance.

All ceremonies are written and designed to be authentic and significant - to mark the event that is important in your life. 


For bookings/enquiries call Donna 0407 002 834 or email 





Weddings are a public declaration by two souls that they are choosing to join together to be a partnership; to be in a relationship that supports them and allows them to grow - a marking of the union.


Your wedding ceremony should reflect you both as individuals and as a couple - as simple or as elaborate as you wish - to be conducted with grace and intention, to be a celebration of love.


Donna is a registered civil celebrant who is happy to conduct wedding ceremonies for all

Funerals and Remembrances
Funerals and remembrance services are

where we:


  honour the spirit

  celebrate the life

  remember the moments, and

  give thanks for the love of the person      who has passed


A ceremony that marks the passing and recognises the legacy of the energy expended; of the love that remains. 


Baby Namings

Where parents publicly declare the name of their precious child, amid a gathering of family and friends who come together to show their love,support and intention to be positively present in the life of the child.

     'It takes a village to raise a child'.


Ceremonies can include candles, crystals representing gifts for the child, and other special ways to welcome this new human. Baby namings are joyful celebrations where we gather to demonstrate love and support for the new family.

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