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Intuitive Interpretations of Your Birth Chart


Your character is considerably influenced by the placement of the planets at the time of your birth.

An intuitive interpretation is developed from your Birth Chart - all that is needed is the date, time and place of your birth.


Birth Chart Intuitive Interpretations $100

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Interpretations for adults
An intuitive interpretation of your birth chart can often provide great insight into your character and personality.
The interpretation gives a person increased clarity about themselves - leading to greater awareness and understanding which are valuable gifts. The more insight we have into our own traits and motivations, the higher our level of personal understanding.
Understanding of oneself is an important step to evolution of the soul.




Interpretations for children
Interpretations for children are a fascinating insight into their potential in life; their characters and personalities; and can help parents and others understand their children as they grow and develop.
This is a very special gift for a child, which can be kept by parents and referred to as the child grows; as well as being a valuable guide for the child in later life.





As a gift for any occasion
When looking for an unusual gift for a special occasion, or for that person who has everything - an interpretation of their birth chart is a valuable and unique gift that will provide a wealth of interest and insight.
Birth chart interpretations can take a considerable time to prepare, so it is best to order several weeks ahead of when the chart is required.



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