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Soul Readings


Soul readings will reveal information that you need to know about your soul, your life and often your purpose.


Intuitive counselling is always part of the process; guidance and direction are usually revealed.


Sometimes souls who have passed will be present. You will be given what you need, not always what you think you want.


Readings are conducted with the highest intention in supportive, positive and directed energy.


Confidentiality and respect are integral to the process.It is always a gift.


Soul Readings

$120 for one hour reading


Soul Readings and Inspiration for Creatives

Creativity informs our lives and is the connection between our souls and our human selves.


We live in a time when consciousness is opening and we are understanding that we can create the life, the world and the future that we want.  Our art is what we create as well as how we live and think.


Directed energetic readings and healing for creatives  are now available. Access the creative energy that flows through your heart and soul and live your life and your art to your fullest potential.

Readings for Creatives

$120.00 for one hour reading

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Business Readings

Now available - intuitive business consultations - guidance and advice focused on your business.

Consider an intuitive consultation about your current business or your dream of starting your own enterprise.

Guidance and direction is provided about your business vision combined with practical advice regarding all elements for business and not for profit organisations.

Learn how to clearly follow your own intuition to create the best outcomes for your business or creative practice.

Business coaching available with a reduced rate applied when two or more sessions are booked in sequence. 

Business Reading

$150 for one hour

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