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Healings - Fiona


Distance healings and land/house clearings available. 


Personal healing (via distance) 1.5hrs - $200

Land/house clearing (via distance) 1.5 hrs - $150


Personal healing and land/house clearing sessions are conducted via distance healing. Distance healing is performed without the physical presence of the person receiving the healing. In this manner healing can be directed to anyone, anywhere. 


This is possible as energy is not governed by third dimensional laws of space and time. Our universe is a consciousness hologram, where the whole is contained in every part. By this I mean that energy does not need to “travel” anywhere, at least not in the sense of how we perceive location in our reality.


During the session I “tune-in” to your or your land’s signature energy and conduct the healing. On the same day you will receive a recorded voice m4a file summarising your session via email. 

Personal healings 


We are co-creating our world into being in every moment… constantly interacting with the quantum field of possibilities, with every thing and every being around us.


In the macro and the micro, our bodies like nature are always seeking to come back into balance. Seeking to connect and unify. When you heal yourself it is an act of love, for yourself and for the collective. Now more than ever it is important for each of us to realise that we are more, to cease focusing on fighting paradigms and instead create new ones from the inside out.


Sessions are geared towards helping you to embody more of your light by correcting imbalances within your energetic systems and assisting you to break free of old trauma narratives and karma cycles, energetic patterns, contracts, entanglements, and limiting belief systems. 


Working with integrity and pure intent, I take holding space and working with your energy very seriously. Sessions are there to empower you to learn, expand and grow. To free yourself from cycles of separation, suffering and restriction, to hold space for yourself and see your whole self through the lens of love. 


I work in direct dialogue with your higher self and soul aspects to determine core issues and techniques best suited to your current needs. Your higher self knows exactly what you need at this time to grow and align with your highest frequency and timeline. Each session is unique and may cover a range of healing techniques including:


  • Advanced karma clearing / past and parallel lives / pre-earth incarnations / soul fragments & gifts retrieval

  • Soul aspect work, including shadow, inner child & archetype patterns

  • Light code / soul blueprint / energy upgrades

  • Removal of energy imprinting, limiting belief systems, cords, symbols, objects/implants, overlays, patterns / programs, frozen emotions, negative thought forms, spells, evil eye, curses, vows, contracts, timeline manipulation, entities, portals, grids etc.

  • Lineage contracts & genetic re-patterning

  • Crystalline Reiki

  • Chakra, aura, channel, meridian clearing & balancing,

  • Messages from higher self, soul aspects, sides, soul family, celestial light beings, ancestors, deceased loved ones,

  • Healing from the natural world; plants, animals & crystals

During the healing session I “tune-in” to your signature energy and soul blue-print and work within your sphere of consciousness, requesting access to your akashic records in the process. 


Everything we’ve ever experienced is held like information in our field. Your higher self will show me what you’re able to release at this moment in time. You can choose to let me know what you hope to cover prior to your session, I ask clients to hold the intention of what they want to work on but also remain open to all possibilities so that the healing unfolds as it needs to for your highest good.


Clients can go about their day as normal during the session however it is good if you can make yourself comfortable and relax. 


After the healing I email through a recorded voice m4a file summarising your session. 


Testimonials for Fiona



“As a powerful energetic healer, Fiona Fitzgerald has the amazing ability to gently draw out whatever could be holding you back from living up to your full potential. The wisdom, power & kindness I have experienced during my sessions with Fiona have helped me to release the concerns that no longer serve me on this amazing journey. I am forever grateful for your loving support, Fiona, and I can't thank you enough for everything. 

Love & Light, Kellie xXx “


"Dearest Fiona, thank you so much for the positive impact you've had in my life over the last 5 years of healing and friendship. 

With your assistance I've moved past old cycles that were keeping me stuck repeating the past and trapped in negative thought patterns. 

After a healing settles and integrates, I always have a brighter outlook on life and the possibilities it holds for me. I'm deeply grateful for your skill and determination to keep upgrading your skills and techniques to offer the best healings possible with love and integrity. 

You are a true gift to my life and the world and I look forward to what the future holds with you on my team cheering me on." - Peregrin 

Land Clearing 


During the healing session I “tune-in” to the land’s signature energy distantly and work to remove energy imbalances that may be affecting you or your family’s well being.


Each session is unique and may cover a range of healing techniques addressing:


  • Ley line trauma or interferences

  • Portals 

  • Energy leakages

  • Negative or restrictive energy grids, overlays, filters, and mirrorsLand trauma, stuck energy, stagnant memory echos/loops and emotional imprinting, 

  • Entities and earth bound spirits 


After the healing I email through a recorded voice m4a file summarising the session. 

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