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Donna Kennedy

Fiona Fitzgerald

Donna - Services


Soul, Life, Business,Purpose



Energetic healing 


Soul, Life, Business, Purpose

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Donna created Spiritnet in 2005 to provide information about life, energy, making a difference and changing the world. This was directed at souls who are aware, who know they have a purpose and a destiny to help shape the future; and for people who respect the Earth and all her inhabitants.

Daughters of Magic carries on this work leading us towards creating our New Earth. 

Donna offers readings/healings and coaching services which provide clarity and guidance to assist you to live your life to your highest potential; also ceremonies to mark the milestones of your human life.

Fiona - Services


Distance healings and

Land/house clearings available 

Personal healing and land/house clearing sessions are conducted via distance healing. Distance healing is performed without the physical presence of the person receiving the healing. In this manner healing can be directed to anyone, anywhere. 

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Fiona is an intuitive healer offering transformative consultations by means of high frequency multidimensional energy healing.
Sessions are geared towards helping you to embody more of your light by correcting imbalances within your energetic systems and assisting you to break free of old trauma narratives and karma cycles, energetic patterns, contracts, entanglements, and limiting belief systems. She has a passion for working with the natural world and helping people overcome long standing cycles of separation, suffering and restriction

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