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Transformation Full Moon May 2017

Did you manage to get any sleep last night? The powerful magic of the Scorpio full moon due on 10/11 May 2017 was working at full force during the early hours of this morning. Beautiful, life changing energy was accessible to anyone courageous enough, and open enough, to step into it. However there was considerable force in the message that was carried and some may have felt they had been almost beaten up by the power of the message. Particularly when either not being fully authentic or not following the true best interests of their heart. But the reward was then to emerge into the delight of the new.

This full moon asks us to look into our hearts and to choose nurture and love over fear and doubt; encourages us to build on the growing changes that are happening within us; and directs us to work with the positive transformational power of this Indigo energy in 2017. Be as true to yourself as it is possible to be; be authentic in your self love; be open and supportive of others in their truth. Nurture yourself and others, and the planet. Use the divine feminine energy of the full moon to spread kindness, compassion and love. Seek to find and live your purpose, as this energy supports the fulfillment of your destiny especially if you live with flow.

We are at a time of clearing out the vestiges of the old energy, the old ways of being; and our courage and determination will carry us forward into new ways of living and loving. And hopefully more sleep!

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