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Times of Change

We live in interesting times. In fact, we live in momentous times of changing energy on this planet Earth, of massive shifts away from the patriarchal societies of the past where the sublimation of the individual was enforced to ensure the power of the dominating social structure of the times; to the new energy which supports the rise of the individual as separate power entities combining to bring massive change to how humans live, how they treat the Earth, and ultimately, how they evolve and continue the survival of the species.

We are currently existing in a portal of immense and powerful life changing energy, between the Full Moon eclipse of 31 January and the New Moon Solar Eclipse of 15-16 February 2018 - a time where each courageous step you have taken in recent times; where each hard lesson learned; and where each change you have consciously made to your life to live in a more evolved manner, all pay off with the potential for you to begin to see the life you have imagined opening up before your eyes.

Now is the time to live with conscious intention and to access your courage and your determination to embrace evolution and growth with passion and joy. Do this and watch the Universe and this wonderful (tough) energy support you every step of the way. Life becomes easier and you experience the ability to create positive change in your life and way of being. All supported by the Universe and yourself.

Honour this time.

Step up and accept what the Universe is generously offering to bless you with.

Recognise the celestial opportunity you are being handed and accept it graciously.

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