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Ride the energy

Now into eclipse season and the new energy continues to push us to growth, to healing, to forgiveness and to the future. Get used to this current intensity because the volume won't be reduced. We can't revert back to that comfortable - but limiting and obstructive - old energy even if we wanted to - which we don't. It has gone forever and we should be shouting in gratitude for that fact.

So the new energy is uncomfortable, disruptive, challenging; pushing our buttons and not allowing us to delude ourselves any longer. It is a transitional stage of the developing future, and transitions by their nature and definition are difficult times, even when bridging a less than glorious past into a future where we actually live our dreams.My advice - ride the energy like you own it! Because you do.

If you are trying to go backwards into the past in your life - old relationship, old ways of thinking and being, old patterns of behaviour - don't expect success. Old relationships are being revisited to heal and to allow forgiveness, and to expose why they didn't work the first time. So you can learn and grow. So you can become fully your authentic self, in sync with your soul and ready to live your purpose. You won't like it but you will soon see the truth of it - and once you have accepted this truth, watch as you blossom. Watch your wings open and your life change into something you could only dream of in the past.

For this energy is of the NOW - the present leading to the new future - the energy of change for the better, growth, and most importantly, of evolution. If you have a role to play in the future you will not be allowed to rest in old ways of being - you will be poked, prodded and pushed into your truth. As you fight it you will also acknowledge to yourself that it is necessary, that it is positive change, and it is a huge blessing in your life. Continue to resist and the energy will intensify. Of course we all have choice - but some souls are so important to the development of the future that they will be pushed until they fall, headlong and gratefully, into their amazing future life. Those who choose to stay mired in past mud will find they can't hold on to their delusions for long. This energy will not support anyone or anything that is not in truth. And why should it? The human race has the opportunity now to evolve into a long awaited and overdue stage of development; to start to sow the seeds of a future that we would wish for our children, grandchildren and beyond.

So grab this difficult, powerful, disruptive and wonderful energy, and ride it like you own it. Because you do.

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