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On the other side of the equinox

What a year we have experienced! Beautiful potent energy pushing us to step beyond our limitations, clean up our act, and release the hurt and damage we have carried so heavily from previous lives. A wonderful opportunity of a year which has felt at times full of despair, deep challenge, and confrontation with our inner demons.

Each month has seemed to present its own particular brand of provocation, calling us out on our inability to transcend the burdens we carry in our soul as a result of our human experiences. Frequent but brief glimpses of a lighter way of being, of the grace and glory of living more in our truth, have enticed us forward into more battles with the darkness we all carry in our souls; an ongoing challenge which has slowly led us towards a place of greater self acceptance and forgiveness, of an inner peace we have only been able to dream of in recent times.

It has felt all year that September would present a shining, glowing infusion of light into our lives, and it may well be that this golden energy awaits us on the other side of the Equinox - in Melbourne this occurs on Saturday 23 September at 6:01 am AEST.

This is more likely if you have taken notice of the lessons of this year, looked into your soul and opened your heart to receive the gifts of the year - the healing, forgiveness and acceptance of past lives, and damage from your current life - the embracing of yourself as more than good enough - and the belief in a future which will be vastly different from the past. The emergence of other souls who truly see you and accept you exactly as you are and who want to support you on your path to the future. The falling away of others and the dismantling of parts of your life which no longer serve your higher purpose. The courage to step up into your truth and live it fully, however radical and extreme the changes required. The beautiful integration of healing and forgiveness, hope and faith, grace and love in your soul.

Step through the equinox energy with the resolve to stand firmly on your path of purpose and to stay open to the beautiful opportunities for growth and love which surround you. Use the spring equinox energy to set your intentions and believe in yourself to create the life you deserve.

With love


Beautiful glass image by Christopher John - Red Phoenix Glass

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