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We are currently fully in eclipse season, so put on your crash helmet and open your heart and mind and prepare for a challenging time, one albeit full of potential for immense soul growth. This full on eclipse energy will be working to clarify what your soul really wants and to show you where your truth lies. This energy can make life seem difficult because your soul is preoccupied with growth and moving ahead and sadly human life doesn’t always accommodate this. So some good advice would be to push back the human as much as you can and focus on the soul growth during this auspicious time. If you listen to your heart and your soul and you do things that nurture both, you are likely to have more clarity, more healing, more resolution of past issues and more optimism and drive for future plans, goals and purpose.

It is important that you take full advantage of the opportunities for growth being offered in this highly charged triple eclipse series until August 14, 2018. This is a critical time in the evolution of the human race.

There is a sense of urgency for us all to heal and grow so that we can assist this evolution and the next ten years are crucial. 2012 was the mid point of a 36 year period of opportunity for change - the 18 years prior to that date saw changes in the world leading to the massive shift of consciousness now becoming more apparent across the globe. We are six years into the 18 year period post-2012 and this is where the real work happens. Now is when we need to embed the change so that it gains momentum and power to complete its purpose. This time we cannot be distracted or deterred, the survival of the planet is reaching critical point and humans can not afford to derail this beautiful time of expanding consciousness.

We need to change many of the ways we think, we need to break out of the conditioning we have been subjected to and we need to see real sustainable change in the way we live on this planet. Not only need to but want to. Making a choice to evolve deliberately and consciously. Choosing enlightened evolution over blind continuance. Choosing informed, intuitive, intelligent action over being seduced into stagnation by the distracting busyness and false importance of superficial human life.

As always it starts with the individual. Your own healing, your own growth. Deal with your own stuff. Above all, listen to your heart. Grow, heal, evolve, change - be the best version of your self. Access your soul, your higher self, and let it inform your decisions and your way of being, of living, of loving.

Then it becomes easy to help others, to live your truth and your purpose. Do the work on yourself, make the necessary changes, and watch better opportunities, better relationships, your tribe, all develop to support and sustain you in your truth, in your purpose. Do the hard work and watch human life get easier. Access the divine within you and feel the change.

Triple eclipses - intense energy - hearts demanding to be heard - all gifts from the Universe to assist your evolution and that of the human race.

All working together to enable the highest goal - to live in love, to live from your soul.

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