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Thoughts on Love

Love is all. All is love. Love is the strongest energy we can harness as humans, and one of the greatest mistakes we make as humans is that we do not access - and utilise - the power of it enough to help ourselves and the planet as much as we could.

Love never dies. Trust me - it doesn't. You may stop feeling love for someone, or understand they have stopped loving you - but the love generated does not die. It remains, held safely and vibrantly, for ever. More on that at a later time.

Love is intended to be unconditional. Love is not meant to rely on what someone does for you, or to you, it just is. It is what you feel for another human being - or for many human beings. It is worth considering what serves you in love that is conditional - what need/want/purpose does it fulfil in your life. Company - security - power - access - self worth - validation?

There are different types of love - love for family, friends, pets, self, the Earth. The love that is most misunderstood and most subject to manipulation, misinterpretation and unrealistic expectations is romantic love. Humans set a range of difficult-to-meet criteria around romantic love - monogamy, exclusivity, longevity, loyalty, attention and sets of Key Performance Indicators that the most dedicated corporate employee would find impossible to meet. Let alone the ordinary human being trying to be their authentic selves in a relationship where a heavy duty range of expectations sets them up for failure as soon as they take the first steps into the partnership.

If we could accept that there is infinite love to go around - that loving one person does not preclude or diminish loving another at the same time - or others - we could begin to evolve into a species that loves and supports each other and creates an enlightened and more joyous society as well. Many societies are structured around monogamy in order to create family units which are financially self sustaining. and do not rely on financial support from the state. However this structure by no means guarantees the intended outcome, and as we see in western society there are many people who fall outside this limited structure and remain unsupported and in dire need of life's basic necessities. Humans need love and nurture to thrive, to grow, and to develop.

Imagine if we all realised that our capacity to love is limitless. It is our capacity to deal with other people's demands and expectations that is limited. There is always room for true kindness and compassion in your heart and in your soul.

Love yourself - unconditionally. Then see how easy it is for the love to flow outwards to others. Take the gift of love where it is offered and honour it. Use the power of love to fuel the change in the world. That is its purpose. Live it.

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