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When you can't go back

There comes a point in the spiritual/awakening/remembering path, where you have the realisation that you can’t go back. This is a pivotal point in your progress. It’s daunting and it can be frightening, but at the same time you feel your soul being liberated.

You then have a choice - well perhaps the illusion of choice - stay where you are, which is sometimes comfortable although you find yourself increasingly feeling unfulfilled and experiencing a sense of unrealised potential, a strong sense of things not 'fitting'; or you take the leap of faith forward. It is this step that propels you into your truth. Because you have to trust yourself completely and trust the universe that this forward step is the right one. And when you do that you seal your future. You make a clear statement that you do trust yourself and the universe and you believe in the possibilities of the path ahead.

Going through this process can be traumatic at worst, unsettling at least. But it is the act of trust that takes you through it.You can’t get to courage without walking through vulnerability’ -Brene Brown - and you can’t get to enlightenment without walking through fear. Growth takes courage, enormous courage, to walk into the unknown propelled purely by faith and trust.

Often at this point you feel isolated and alone, and you find that the people/places/activities that you have been comfortable with for years all feel different - you feel different. It is as if their energy no longer resonates with yours. That is exactly what is happening. You feel the need to be alone, to sit with yourself for a while.

Sitting with yourself is crucial to the act of surrender. When you reach the point of surrender you give up control of your destiny to the Universe while at the same time taking the one necessary action that creates your future. You can only do this by yourself for yourself. Beyond that point, and leading up to it, there is always help at hand. While you must face the act of surrender on your own you do not have to suffer through the fear, doubt and confusion by yourself.

There is no need to suffer unnecessarily or excessively, that is old energy and past ways of thinking that no longer serve us. So take the hand, the heart, the care that is offered, it is a gift for you. The Universe will provide the help you need. Be gracious and accept the wondrous gifts you are being given. Because enlightenment is a gift - you can seek all your life and not even get a glimmer of understanding. But when you are given the gift, the Universe will flood your life with assistance, guidance and resources to help you accept it and live the life you are meant to live. It is at this very point that you start to create the life that you really want and that feeds your soul while you live your purpose.

Step through the fear into the future that will be so much more than you could ever have possibly imagined.

Step through the fear with love and gratitude and find your self, your soul.

‘It takes endure the sharp pains of self discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.’

Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love

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