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We have recently experienced a massive shift of pure love energy merging with the energy here on Earth. The past few weeks have been challenging, bringing up past scars which we thought had been healed, to be re visited before this energy surge could be experienced. Past loves, past hurts, past trauma flaring in our souls, then subsiding leaving peace and calm, ensuring that we have indeed healed.

This beautiful unearthly unconditional love is pouring in, to be accessed by those aware enough to feel it, and to further awaken those who are on the path to awareness. This is the energy that leads us to the new earth; that supports the changes of the past decade towards the huge shifts in perception needed on the planet and which have already commenced.

This energy will assist all of those experiencing a true connection, especially those with what is called a 'twin flame/twin soul/ sacred' connection. This type of connection is a reality, more real than the fiction of the life we live, whether it is visible in the 3D or not. A twin flame soul understands the truth;, that we are souls who inhabit lifetime after lifetime of learning, struggling to be in our truth, until we ascend (learn and accept) and are able to live our original purpose and intention fully - supported, recognised and welcomed.

In the case of twin flames, we are souls split into a mirrored, undivided half of the whole, for the purpose of experiencing and embodying unconditional love for ourselves as well as for our twin and others. The more of us who evolve to this level of love and demonstrate it to teach and heal others, the faster the world evolves and changes. Some believe we are all twin flames, that while the potential to love is limitless we all have that one super special unique connection. The secret is to recognise the connection when it occurs, have faith and trust yourself and the Universe to deliver you back to your 'self'. Your truth.

The twin soul experience is a return to self, to our origins and to Source. To experience it fully we have to completely change what we were conditioned to believe from childhood - that you need to find someone to complete you - your knight/prince/tradie/princess/insta model - who will come in and rescue you. No they won’t - they can’t. Only you can rescue yourself, heal yourself - often with the help of others but ultimately the healing comes from within yourself. Only you can overcome the conditioning you have been subjected to in many lives, only you can see through the illusions and find your own truth. Acceptance of another in their truth, no ownership of another, no settling or trying to change another persons truth to fit your own expectations.

Then when you come together with someone else in truly unconditional love, you are not expecting them to fill any perceived missing part of you, you are expecting them to support you as you support them, share experiences with you, work together each in your own truth, and expand and grow the love you have for each other beyond yourselves. And to live in the sweet delight and joy that brings.

You can also do this on your own if you choose, loving yourself unconditionally heals you and brings you to an equally sweet space of acceptance and sense of home. Loving anybody in this way brings you home to yourself. And changes the vibration of the energy of the planet. The vibrational change is much more when collective, the individual shifts are amplified multiple times because they are channelled through the collective. The result is massive change with a rapid impact on the world, so that the new world can emerge as quickly as it needs to. Which is now - 2020 and beyond.

Can you imagine the vibrational impact of people doing this all over the world? Welcome in the New World.

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