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Heading Back to Balance

Honouring the Divine Feminine

Something is happening in the world. Something that is being supported by the new Indigo energy. For any of us who are stepping into our truth and our purpose by healing our past, this means we have to deal with issues that have held us back and let go of old ways and beliefs that no longer serve us. The Earth is doing the same - healing and discarding the old ways of being and the old belief systems.

The most important imbalance which needs to be healed is that of gender inequality. The dominance of the patriarchal society over thousands of years has resulted in a world seriously out of balance - dominated by a system that has been directed by one gender - the masculine - and has suffered from the lack of equal input by the nurturing and loving feminine energy.

When blended and in balance the masculine and feminine work together to create a dynamic and harmonious energy that produces growth and ensures that evolution is productive and not destructive.

The balanced and blended energy works hand in hand to stimulate growth and ensure sustainability.

It supports the evolution of a race of beings who understand that looking after each other and the Earth which provides all the elements to sustain life, while fostering intellectual and spiritual growth, is the true purpose of humans.

Without the masculine/feminine balance guiding evolution, humankind has floundered in darkness and low energies for thousands of years; literally staying mired in the mud of ignorance and intolerance, cruelty and greed, ambition and territorialism - losing our very special gift, our humanity, along the way. The Divine Feminine which represents the loving, caring, compassionate qualities of humans has been oppressed, undermined and rendered powerless under the relentless onslaught.

This is not a battle between men and women - all genders carry masculine and feminine energy. All genders can demonstrate the defining traits of either energy.

This is about people - not just men - choosing not to demonstrate and live the positive elements of the Divine Feminine - love, kindness, care, nurture, compassion, justice and tolerance. It is about human beings repeatedly choosing greed, selfishness, taking other people's power, intolerance, cruelty, living in the superficial, being distracted by the illusion - instead of living real and authentic lives of a higher level.

The answer is not for females to reverse the situation and become dominant over men - the solution lies in all genders working together in the spirit of tolerance and true equality to lead the human race forward into an enlightened space where male and female energies equally create the evolution of the human species.

Glass artwork by Anne Sorensen

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