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Remember who you are

To reach enlightenment, knowing, call it what you will - you don't have to study, you just need to remember.

The steps to this are relatively simple, the path itself often tough and challenging.

Because the first thing you need to do is face your own truth. You need to face your fears and your insecurities.Look at all the ways you feel less about yourself. All the negative perceptions you hold around not being good enough; shame; guilt; regret; and doubt.

You also need to look at how much you get caught up in ego, in vanity, and in unrealistic expectations of others. Do you take more than you give? Give more than you take? Any imbalance in your life hinders being in your truth. Remember to count your blessings and have gratitude for all that you are fortunate to have.

You will learn what you need from many sources. Once your intention is set in truth, the way forward will open. People will appear to teach you - not always in the manner you would expect or hope. Experiences happen to show you how things can be - or how they should not be! Certain books, songs, films will touch you. As you open up, as you trust in the process more, knowledge and remembrance occur. Teachers and healers come in to your life. As you change, as you remember, life starts to flow much more easily. You know you are on the right path when positive and healthy things fall into place with little, or any, effort on your part.

Although sometimes a major leap forward needs to be instigated by action you consciously take, particularly stepping through a long-held fear or belief that no longer serves you. Having confidence - faith - in yourself and in the Universe and demonstrating this, is the most important trust you can hold. Trust yourself, listen to your inner knowing.

And then you start to remember - who you are, who you have been. What gifts and abilities you have access to. Truths about love, life and the human experience. You remember what is in your soul, what your essence is. You grow. You evolve. You live your purpose. This is the gift.

The full moon coming up on Tuesday May 29 will support you in your conscious intention to take the path to remembrance, growth, evolution and truth. Just be you. You are more than enough. You are your soul. Be it.

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