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What do you really want?

Since March this year we have experienced bouts of very tough energy which have been pressing our buttons, not to make us suffer but to make us grow and change and step into our future and our destiny. This has been an intense time particularly for people who have a significant contribution to make to the future but have not yet woken to their true destiny, or who have not yet made the changes that will lead them forward. The Universe is now in a hurry to support and help implement these changes, as it is time for the new future to form.

Many sensitive souls have experienced this intensity before but this time is different because the energy is supportive of change. When you take that one step forward that you need to do, that one leap of faith or act of courage, everything will change.

What do you need to remove from your life and what do you need to let in? Are all your needs being met? We all deserve to have love and nurture, a sense of self and a sense of purpose,in our lives. We all deserve to feel free to be ourselves, to feel safe in our own truth. Do you know what you really want? What you need? Because now you can have it.

So what do you really want in your life that you have denied yourself? Is it an aspect of your essence that you have kept hidden or not understood? Is it old fear stopping you - because you need to know now that old fear does not serve you, and as long as you live in it you will not grow and fly as you are meant to do.

Do you trust yourself and the Universe enough to let this powerful energy push and support you into the future you are meant to live?

Use the innate courage you have in your soul to push through and find the things that will nourish you and take you forward to help create the new future that you can, and must, believe in and help create. Build it for yourself and the whole world will benefit - that is how this works.

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